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第159- もう・まだ

Sometimes it is the really simple, but often repeated, words that are confusing, but give an edge to our speech. Today we are going to look at two words you will certainly need every day of your Japanese speaking life:

まだ – still / yet
もう – already / anymore

For まだ, the meaning changes based on whether what follows is positive or negative.

That teacher is still here.

That teacher is (still) not here yet.

もう is a little more complicated because when positive it will have the meaning of “already,” but when negative it could mean “already” or “anymore.”

(At school) that teacher has already arrived.

That teacher is gone already.

I don’t need that anymore.

When you’re talking about something to drink, もう is strange (red sentences) when it is positive in any situation.

A: もう一杯いっぱいジュースいる?
Do you need another glass of juice?

B: まだいる / もういらない。
I need more / I don’t need any more.

A: 何か飲む?
B: まだいらない
I don’t need one yet.

もういる。(we never say.)

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