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第158- 二枚目・三枚目

Have you ever watched or thought of watching Kabuki? My first (and only) live experience with Kabuki was after I came to Japan and a teacher at my school invited me to go see a show with them. I must say, seeing it in person is WAY better than seeing it on youtube. Even though I barely understood anything being said, it was really cool.

Today, we are bringing you some words that originate from Kabuki, but have a general everyday use. These words are:

二枚目にまいめ – cool / good looking man
三枚目さんまいめ – comedian / funny man

These words refer to the roles of Kabuki actors where 二枚目にまいめ refers to the actor playing the love scene whereas 三枚目さんまいめ refers to the actor playing the comedic scene. Since Kabuki roles are only played by men, by extension, these terms are only used about men also. Used in daily conversation, they go something like the following sentences:

1- ぼく彼女かのじょのおにいさんは二枚目にまいめだ。
My girlfriend’s older brother is pretty good looking.

2- かれはモデルとしてやっていけるほど二枚目にまいめだ。
He’s so good looking he can be a model.

3- かれはお世辞せじにも二枚目にまいめとはえないが、女性じょせいからはモテモテだ。
Can’t really say he’s that handsome, but he is still popular with the ladies.

4- あの役者やくしゃ三枚目さんまいめやくおおい。
That actor plays the comedian a lot.

5- ぼく親友しんゆうはイケメンではないけど、三枚目さんまいめキャラをさせるとすごいよ。
My friend isn’t really all that good looking, but he does an amazing job as a comedian.

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