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第157- 数〜

You’ve probably learned how to make some nouns (especially living things) plural by adding 〜たち to them, but what about talking about not just a day or two, or a specific days of the week, but about “a few days” or “a few years” worth of time? You don’t always want to count by a specific amount when it comes to those things and today we will show you how with すう〜!

Adding the kanji for “number / count” at the beginning of countable nouns gives us the meaning of “few (noun)” as the words below demonstrate:

数日すうじつ – a few days
数ヶ月すうかげつ – a few months
数年 すうねん– a few years
数人すうにん – a few people
数冊すうさつ – a few books
数回 すうかい– a few times

If you want to make a different combination, be sure to check a Japanese dictionary to make sure the word exists first! Let’s look at the above words in sentences!

It’s been a few days since my father said he wants to quit smoking, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of him actually quitting.

The last time I met him was a few months ago.

I spent very busy days here for a few years.

I have heard that only a few people from our school have passed the difficult exam.

It is already said that the first edition of the book is only a few in the world.

I was told “be quiet” a few times.

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