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第156- 便利な語句

When speaking a language, there are some phrases that are easy and simple, but have a powerful effect on how natural our speech sounds. Today we are going to talk about 5 common and very useful Japanese phrases you can start using in your speech right now! Let’s check them out!

A- そうえば – speaking of which / now that you mention it

1- そうえば、明日あしたねん一度いちどのおまつりのだ。
Speaking of which, tomorrow is the annual festival day.

(When switching topics) Oh by the way, what happened to that girl you met after 10 years again?

B- 厳密げんみつえば – strictly speaking

3- 厳密げんみつえば、7ではなくて、650分ごじゅっぷんです。
Strictly speaking, it is not 7:00, it is 6:50.

4- 厳密げんみつうと、そのぶん文法的ぶんぽうてきただしくない。
Technically speaking that sentence isn’t grammatically correct.

C- ようするに – in short

5- ようするに、きみなにいたいの?
In other words, what are you trying to say?

6- ようするにあなたはこの仕事しごとをしたくないってことなんだね。
So simply put, you don’t want to do this job, eh?

D- いてえば – if I’m forced to say

7- 趣味しゅみとくにないけど、いてえば、映画鑑賞えいがかんしょうです。
I don’t really have any hobbies, but if I’m forced to say, then I guess it would be watching movies.

8- 日本以外にほんいがいみたいくにはないけど、いてえば台湾たいわんです。
I don’t really want to live anywhere outside of Japan, but if I’m forced to choose it’d be Taiwan.

E- 正直言しょうじきいって – honestly speaking

9- 正直言しょうじきいってかれ間違まちがえている。
To be honest, he’s mistaken.

10- 正直言しょうじきいって、彼女かのじょとの勝負しょうぶ今回こんかい完敗かんぱいだった。
Honestly speaking, I completely lost the match against her this time.

Make sure to add these to your conversations and your sentences will become more natural. Pay attention to how they’re also said in movies etc. to get a feel for the tone when saying them in different contexts.

We hope you enjoyed this JapaBit! Till next time! またねー

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