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第155- オノマトペ #3

We are here again covering some more Japanese onomatopoeia! In terms of the way they sound, #1 is hilarious in our opinion. Let’s check them out and how to use them!

1- プニプニ – squishy / springy / bouncy

The skin of the baby is squishy and it feels nice.

2- フラフラ – unsteadily / shakily

When I stood up earlier I got dizzy and unsteady.

3- グリグリ – pressing or rubbing with turning movements

Shall I rub your shoulders with my elbow?

4- スラスラ – smoothly / easily

I want to speak Japanese fluently / smoothly!

5- どんどん – rapidly / quickly

I’m in good shape today so let’s get some work done.

#3 can be replaced with ゴリゴリ
#4 can be replaced with ペラペラ

We hope you enjoyed this JapaBit! Till next time! またねー

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