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第154- 飽き飽きする・うんざり

Expressing your feelings in a language is really important. Today we are going to show you how to finally tell all the people around you you’re sick and tired of some things!

The two words that could be used for this are:

うんざり – tedious / boring
きる / 飽き飽き(する)- getting tired of / getting sick of

These could be used with nouns or verbs just like in English.

When used with a noun you need to use the particles に and は, i.e. には after the noun.

With a verb you do the same as with a noun but first add the nominalizer 〜の before には.

As we will see in the examples below, the two words うんざり and き飽き are interchangeable in all cases.

日本にほん梅雨つゆはいった。あめにはもううんざりだ / あめにはもうきた。
Japan entered the rainy season. I’m sick of the rain.

披露宴ひろうえんでのなが乾杯かんぱい挨拶あいさつにはうんざりする / き飽きする。
I get fed up with long toasts at receptions.

もうそのはなしき飽き / うんざりするほどいた。
I heard that story to the point of boredom.

毎日まいにち単調たんちょう仕事しごとにはもううんざりだ / 飽きた。
I’m sick of the daily monotone work.

I’m tired of the same program every day.

I’m sick of watching over those kids.

I’m tired of playing the same game every day.

As a bonus word which does not follow the same pattern as above and is a set word by itself, 待ちくたびれる, which means “to be sick of waiting.”

We hope you enjoyed this JapaBit! Till next time! またねー

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