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第153- 気〜

The word combinations using + something else are so plenty in Japanese and today we are bringing you more of them. The ones we will cover today are:

まずい – unpleasant / awkward
気難きむずかしい – hard to please / moody
気安きやすい* – relaxed / friendly
くする – to be pleased / to be in a good mood
滅入めいる – to feel depressed / to be down
気休きやすめ – temporary peace of mind

We know there are many of these combinations and that is why we will be covering some of the most useful ones one (Japa)bit at a time. ^_^

Now let’s look at some examples using them!

I was alone in the classroom with the friend I got in a fight with yesterday and it was awkward.

It seems like her father has a difficult character and it is hard to be friendly with him. Let’s ask her how we can please him.

Summer vacation is the best but it depresses me when my parents talk about homework.

I got dumped / rejected by the girl I like and my friend told me “there are many fish in the sea” to ease my mind.

*Regarding 気安きやすい(気安きやすく)it is mainly used with sentences that are negative in meaning like the example above. Using it in a positive sentence sounds awkward as we will see with more examples below.

Don’t speak to me lightly!

I cannot speak to him / her / about it lightly.

I will speak lightly / easy to talk to.
For this one, what you want to say instead is はなしかけやすい (easy to talk to).

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