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第152- 外食

When I first came to Japan and had to order food at a fast food place or restaurant, I was a little thrown off by the things the staff told me at first. There were too many expressions I was not used to, but quickly came to be familiar with. Today we are going to share with you some of the most said and set expressions you will hear when you go to a restaurant in Japan and some useful words you need to use yourself. Let’s dive right in! (Note, blue text is the staff speaking, orange text is the customer speaking)

レストラン – at a restaurant


何名様なんめいさまですか – response: 2めいです (or however many people you are)
How many people? – two people

禁煙席きんえんせきですか、喫煙席きつえんせきですか?(おタバコはおいになりますか) – response: 禁煙席きんえんせきで。
Smoking or non-smoking? – non-smoking (or otherwise)

This way please.

Here is the menu. We will check with you once you’ve decided on your order.

注文ちゅうもん – when ordering

Excuse me, we would like to order.

What is the recommendation?

わったあと – after eating

Excuse me, can we have the check please?

Can we pay with card?

Please wait.

清算後せいさんご – after paying

Thank you very much, please come again!

ごちそうさまでした。(This is a cultural phrase said after receiving a meal whether to your host or a restaurant you just ate at)
Thank you for the food.

Some useful specific words you will often see / need:

おしぼり – (hot) wet hand towel
みず (おひや) – water (cold drinking water)
伝票でんぴょう – check
放題ほうだい – all you can drink
放題ほうだい – all you can eat
個室こしつ – private room
座敷ざしき – tatami room
子様こさまランチ – kid’s lunch
(at McDonald’s) ハッピーセット – kid’s meal / happy meal
単品たんぴん – individual item (without a meal)
セット – set (i.e. meal with fries and a drink usually)
店内 てんない– eating inside
もちかえり – carryout

Making some requests / complains

Do you have a (high) chair for kids?

We would like a window seat.

Some cold water please.

I dropped my chopsticks, can I have new ones?

There’s a hair in my food…

We hope you found this post helpful and hope you never have to use the last one :O

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