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第151ー 〜狂

I remember when I was learning Japanese in college I asked my teacher how do you call someone “crazy” in Japanese. She answered with the typical response of tilting her head thinking and then saying “we don’t really say that in Japanese, but you can say あたまがおかしい.”

Today we have a different kind of crazy for you, the crazy you use when someone is obsessed with something. This is possible with our (not so) well behaved suffix friend 〜きょう.

All you have to do is add it to a noun and then it means “person x is crazy about y.” Let’s see how with the examples below!

1- かれくるまるとスピードをさずにはいられない。いわゆるスピードきょうなのだ。
He just cannot help himself but speed up when riding a car. In order words, he’s a speed-demon (crazy about speed).

2- 真面目まじめひとほど、じつはギャンブルきょうおちいりやすい。
Actually, the more serious you are the more likely you are to be crazy about gambling.

3- 彼女かのじょつきに100さつほんむ、読書狂どくしょきょうだ。
She’s a bookworm (crazy about books), she reads about a 100 books per month.

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