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第147ー 宙

So you can talk about directions in Japanese (up, down, left, right, etc.), but how can you explain that something is suspended in mid-air? Not hanging from a ceiling or something, but simply up in the air? Today we are gonna show you how with this JapaBit!

It is a very simple word, ちゅう. This means that something is in the air not necessarily hanging down by anything. Let’s look at the following examples and see how it’s actually used!!

1- マジシャンは、アシスタントの女性じょせいをハンドパワーでちゅうかせた。
The magician made his woman assistant float in the air with his hand power.

2- 日本語にほんご学習がくしゅう計画けいかくちゅうぶらりん*のままになってしまっている。
My plans for studying Japanese are hanging in the air (i.e suspended).

3- 優勝ゆうしょう決定けっていし、監督かんとくちゅうった。
The victory was decided and the coach flew in the air.

*ちゅうぶらりん is a set phrase that means “dangling/pending.”

In example three, the coach is being thrown up in the air by the team after winning the match and thus he is flying (fluttering) in the air (ちゅうった).

We hope you found this JapaBit useful!

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