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第145ー 〜系

Welcome to another JapaBit!

Today we are going to look at another suffix which is used in conversation quite a bit. When I first started teaching in Japan and wanted to do games in class, sometimes the kids assumed a game was going to be a certain way, but after I explain how the game is they say something like:

Oh, that type of game?

The suffix we are gonna focus on is けい which means something like “type, kind, theme, genre, etc.” It is difficult to put it into exact words for every time it is used, but it is something which means “that type of thing/way.”

You can use it after adjectives or nouns as you will see in the examples below.

Young men who are not interested in love have been increasing recently.

That guy is crazy about the opposite sex.

My girlfriend is more of the “cute” type than “beautiful.”

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